Assistive Technology Workshop 21st June

We are hosting an Assistive Technology workshop to share with other service providers the work we have been doing on the Erasmus+ European funded project, Mefacilyta DeskTop. This is a skills, teaching android application developed by the Vodafone Foundation in Spain. It uses tailor-made multimedia learning activities to support independence.

This day is aimed at Frontline staff and the men or women they support to come along and get started with DeskTop. This is an Android based app so we would ask you to bring a fully charged Android phone/tablet and a laptop with Google Chrome, also fully charged!

Eventbrite - Intro2DeskTop- Skills Teaching App

People with intellectual disabilities nationwide are using mobile devices as a tool to help them practice their cognitive-functioning skills for self-sufficiency. Endless apps exist that teach people how to perform daily tasks using video and/or step-by-step instructions, but none are as comprehensive and free as Mefacilyta DeskTop.

It’s a great resource that people with intellectual disabilities of all ages can use in their own homes without needing to be with support staff or family. Many professionals approve of using mobile technology as a non-traditional teaching tool because it provides a more intuitive learning—not to mention—using it is fun!

Mefacilyta DeskTop Activity examples include:

  • How to cook various meals
  • Personal Hygiene Activities
  • Multimedia Timetables
  • How to use other Apps/ Technology
  • How to use household appliances!
  • How to complete tasks while on work experience
  • How to use an ATM
  • How to check in at an airport
  • How to plan a Birthday Party
  • How to plan a Holiday

Many, many more activities exist. The apps teach persons with intellectual disabilities how to perform day-to-day functions independently, in turn, helping them to become more independent with greater confidence. Using the trendy device also gives people with a disability a sense of assimilation to modern society.

Another perk of using DeskTop on an Android device is the cost savings compared to purchasing several expensive programs from separate devices.

Mefacilyta Desktop is proving to be a tremendous resource for people with an intellectual disability within the community and will continually improve their capabilities as new features are introduced.

We look forward to working with you on the 21st June 2017