Equality and Human Rights Policy


Equality and Human Right Policy 

Rights in Action

This project aims to support everyone to understand their rights better. The idea to create multimedia to support Rights started with a partnership between Callan Institute and Liffey Services and Kerry Services. Together the teams wanted to create easy-to-understand materials about these rights. They wanted to bring their experience of co-deisgn into the project and asked people with disabilities to co-design these materials. One of the key elements was storytelling to support the individuals supported to be able to share how important equal rights are to them. We want people to know their rights and to be treated fairly. This project was made possible with support from HSE CHO3 and the teams at St John of God Kerry and Liffey Services along with the Callan Institute.

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Equality and Human Right Policy

What is the Equality and Human Rights Policy?

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Equality and Human Right Policy

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